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What can offerReddy offer me?

offerReddy can help you sell your home with all the traditional benefits of a full service brokerage for less.  No need for a separate agent, everything you need to close the sale of your house is right here on the offerReddy platform.  Some of the services included in your 0.5% listing fee are shown here. 

Help maximizing the value of your home.  
Free appraisal to assist in setting your
list price.
Advertising your listing on Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other real estate databases.
Planning and managing showings with Verified Buyers.
A unique platform for creating offers and handling negotiations without the traditional hassle.
Help connecting with real estate attorneys and other professionals to ensure a smooth closing.

...and with listing agreements as short as 1 month, you're not locked in to a long term contract.  Why not give us a try?

Sell your home. Save big.

A traditional real estate agent will charge you 5-6% commission on the sale of your home.  This commission will be divided with a buyer's agent if the buyer uses one.  If the buyer has no agent, the seller's agent keeps it all!

offerReddy Model

0.5% listing fee

0-2.5% buyer's agent fee

Traditional Model

2.5-3% listing fee

2.5-3% buyer's agent fee

How much can you save?

Estimated purchase price ($):

Traditional model commissions:


offerReddy commissions:




Typically, no matter if you use a traditional agent or opt for a for sale by owner option, you will have to pay a buyer's agent commission of 2.5-3%.  

Not anymore! offerReddy allows buyers to use our platform for completing the transaction commission-free and save you the buyer's agent fee.


“offerReddy’s site was informative, easy to use, and transparent in its buying process. I felt like I learned more by walking through the site than I did in all of my research in preparation for entering the market. Connecting buyers and sellers directly makes perfect sense to me: sellers know their home the best, and buyers can ask questions as soon as they come up, making sure nothing gets lost in translation.”


- Emily B.

About Us

Founded in 2018, offerReddy was born from the need to offer better, more economical brokerage services to home buyers and sellers.  Our focus here at offerReddy is to reduce the complexity and unnecessary expense of the home purchasing process.  It is our belief that the most important service we can offer is to facilitate a connection between buyers and sellers.  Our services are designed to give our clients all the tools they need to make the purchasing process go as smooth and hassle-free as possible.  After all, you worked hard for the equity in your home, and you should have the ability to keep more of it when you sell!

 Eric Curtiss, Founder

In 2018 Eric and his wife, Jenny, founded offerReddy after purchasing their first home and discovering how inefficient and costly the existing real estate transaction process was.  His goal is to build a platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect directly and save money.

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